UFO Hoverball

$34.95 $54.95

Are you bored at home? Do you often see your children glued to their screens? Here's an innovative way for kids to put down their cell phones and get moving.


Who said magic doesn't exist? Press the switch on the top side of the ball and slowly release the ball with your palm. Magic, it floats! Impress your loved ones and delight your children with this incredible technological toy.


With a little practice, you will quickly understand how it works and will be able to play with the ball like a boomerang! It will always come back into your hands. The flight path can be controlled by varying the angles. This hoverball can soar through the air on its own, before coming back down for a safe landing in your hands. She can also do amazing acrobatic tricks and stunts.


Outdoors or indoors, with your children or alone, enjoy this awesome magic ball that will exceed all your expectations. Say goodbye to boredom, our magic ball will always be there to entertain you.


Our flying ball changes color in flight. The effect at night is incredible: it looks like a neon shooting star when you throw it in the sky. A rechargeable battery with great autonomy is integrated inside: have fun without interruption!


Our magic ball has been designed so that your children can have fun without any risk. Made of soft and lightweight material: it can hit anything you want without causing damage. The ball is resistant to all kinds of shocks. Reinforced, shatterproof LED light bar keeps the ball with you. So you can let them play with this ball with peace of mind.


  • Product battery: 3.7V 120mAH
  • Charging time: 10mins
  • Flying time: 30mins
  • R/C distance: 8-10m
  • Material: Electronic Components, Plastic
  • Product size: 9.5X9.5cm

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