Hand Lifting Jack

$44.95 $79

Tackle heavy lifting like a boss with our game-changing Hand Lifting Jack!

Fed up with the struggle of hoisting heavy stuff? This nifty tool is all about lifting heavy things without breaking a sweat or hurting your back. Just slide the jack under the hefty item, give the handle a smooth press, and watch it go up with precision – easy peasy!

Trusted by thousands of happy Aussies, the Hand Lifting Jack is the ultimate sidekick for homeowners, tradies, mechanics, and all you DIY enthusiasts out there. No more wrestling with manual lifting – now you can effortlessly lift the heavy stuff within minutes, no sweat required. Whether you're in the garage, home, or need a lifting buddy on the move, this tool's got your back.

This cool gadget lets you handle hefty loads solo, without the need for extra hands. Say goodbye to muscle strains and backaches – just pop that jack, hit the handle, and see the load go up effortlessly. It's a safer, easier way to get things done without the hassle! 

Labour Saving Arm Jack (2 pcs)

🌟 High-Lifting Capacity: Lifts heavy loads with ease up to 120kg

💼 Compact and Portable: Easily transport the tool wherever you need it.

🔄 Adjustable Straps: Customizable for securely lifting various shapes and sizes.

🛠️ Durable Construction: High Quality & Long-lasting performance.

👌 Ergonomic Design: Comfortable grip & easy operation for smooth lifting.

🕒 Time-Saving Efficiency: Swiftly lifts heavy items, reducing task duration.

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