Hand Gesture Drift & Stunt Car

$56.95 $110

Upgrade Your Playtime!

Get ready for non-stop fun with this hand-controlled remote control car that can perform amazing stunts like drifting in all directions, walking sideways flexibly, and rotating 360 degrees. It's perfect for anyone who loves racing and great in getting kids off their devices!

This car brings double the fun with a classic handheld remote controller and a cool hand gesture controller. Zoom around and hit speeds up to 15km/h using gesture-sensing technology!

Built for off-road adventures, this stunt car flips a full 360, even bouncing off walls for a daring escape. Perfect for all terrains – lawns, gravel, dirt, and rocks for incredible stunts. Powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery, enjoy non-stop driving fun. Unlike regular RC cars, it's equipped with a high-quality battery for extended playtime!


Becomes the master of spins, flips, and awesome stunts, all with just a wave of their hand! It's like magic on wheels! Built tough for endless play it's time to upgrade your playtime!

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